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Liam Dingemanse


General Manager & Senior Engineer

Liam has more than a decade of experience in engineering design, construction management and project management for development projects in a broad range of sectors that includes commercial property development, industrial, mining and agribusiness.

Liam is constantly looking for more effective and inexpensive ways of solving modern day problems that enhance the standard of living for people.

Nishal Kumar

BE (Civil), MSc (Structures)


Nishal has had quite the global presence having studied in the UK and worked in

Dubai, India and now Tasmania!

With enthusiasm he's worked on multi-storey buildings, residential, schools and auditoriums and always has a bright smile to share!

With a strong work ethic and determination to succeed in whatever he does, Nishal excel's and delivers outstanding results for his projects.

Richard Hall

Architect B.EnvD. B.Arch (1st class Hons) Dip.Mech.Eng.

Engineering Detail Manager

Richard has been in the Building Industry well over 30 years. He's a State, National and International prize-winning Architect who won 'Australia House of the Year in 2009.


In his early years Richard was an Engineering Detail Draftsman. As a unicorn of the industry - he can speak both languages 'Architecture' & 'Engineering'. Which makes him a highly prized addition to our team!

Peter Dingemanse

Senior Project Manager

Sam Dingemanse
Naresh Jonnalagadda

BE (Mechanical)

Technical Officer

Naresh joined our team in one of our busiest seasons ever and he's slotted right in as a quick learner and a solid worker.

Specialising in Industrial Production Engineering, Naresh brings a unique set of skills the mix. He has improved efficiency by finding solutions to complex problems. 

We look forward to sharing all that he can do!

Jacqui Hutchinson

Engineers Assistant

Jacqui joined our team and hit the ground running with years of experience.


She instantly builds strong rapport with clients and has a precious knack for getting along with everyone.


She's a motivated, self starter that's warm, inviting and goes out of her way to assist with whatever pops up.

Ze way_edited.png
Ze way Lee

Graduate Engineer

Ze way graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Tasmania 3 years ago. He recently completed Masters in Civil Engineering and will be graduating this December.

He has experience in construction drafting in Malaysia and has participated in student exchange in Europe and enjoys engaging with different people and cultures.

CBM Pic.jpg

BE (Marine), MSc (Structures)
Graduate Engineer

Moji is a PhD Candidate from Victoria University in civil-environmental engineering and holds a master’s degree in structural engineering.

In her new role as a graduate civil engineer, she prioritises developing new skills and a commitment to continuous professional development, all while ensuring exceptional deliverables for the projects under her purview.

Jamie Pinner
Joel Ng
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